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Worried about getting study visa for Italy? We have good news for you!.

Worried about getting study visa for Italy? We have good news for you!.

Securing a visa for certain countries, especially those lacking an embassy presence, can pose challenges. However, there's positive news for those planning to travel to Italy.

Augusto Palmeiri, the First Secretary of the Italian Embassy, announced during a session at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) that Italy has initiated visa services from Lahore, with plans in motion to expand these services to other major cities in Pakistan.

Palmeiri emphasized the significance of Lahore, the first city he visited officially, and stressed the importance of strengthening the relationship between Italy and Pakistan, both in terms of general cooperation and business ventures.

Regarding the inauguration of visa services in Lahore, Palmeiri highlighted its symbolic value, signaling openness to visitors and business partnerships. He also discussed the potential for significantly increasing bilateral trade, setting an ambitious target of $5 billion.

To deepen trade relations, Palmeiri outlined plans for a phased approach to encourage entrepreneurs to participate in Italian fairs and exhibitions, inviting businessmen to engage in upcoming expos for networking and fostering B2B connections. He also emphasized the importance of political cooperation through the signing of memoranda of understanding and trade agreements to facilitate growth.

Palmeiri mentioned a recent productive meeting with the Board of Investment, underscoring the potential for Italian investment in Pakistan.

LCCI President Kashif Anwar commended the initiatives of the Italian embassy, particularly the launch of visa services, as a significant step toward enhancing bilateral trade. He emphasized Italy's importance as a trading partner for Pakistan, ranking eighth among the top exporting destinations.

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